Supporting Your Brand

For special orders (10,000 pcs +), Kent Holdings Ltd. can offer customized products and packaging to display your company logo on the surface of the foil or on the packaging by placing your personal design and colors to fit your special requirements.

IMPORTANT: Our brand logo must cover 70% of the design.

To provide our clients who order more, than 100’000 pcs, with the best shipping options, and to create a smaller environmental footprint, we can supply the product alone. In every 100’000 pcs,  every 250 pieces are wrapped together with a small piece of paper ribbon and then pack together in paper wrapping these small 250 pieces into a larger 10’000 pcs, and then pack 10 of these into a larger export box. This way they will be shipped without our standard packaging. The packaging will be printed locally by our partner with the supervision of Kent Holdings Ltd. Specific conditions have to determinate on every case.

The package is perfectly fit for companies who would like to sell the product in big shopping malls like Spar International, Tesco, Aldi, Auchan, Home Depot, Wall Mart, Costco, etc.

Do not hesitate to contact our Design Department or send us a request online. Thank you for expressing an interest.