ECO Club

Go Green! - Eco Club

We are very proud that Akkufresh® is being used by many VIP’s and that being recognized as an environmental activist is important to them. Environmental activism is the combined political force of people who take action to protect the environment. Not content with passive empathy for environmental problems, activists actively work to bring their vision of a better world into reality.
Akkufresh® is an eco-friendly product that contributes to the protection of the global environment.

The technology of AkkuFresh®

– Saves energy by reducing the charging time and frequency per user
– Delays the need to purchase new batteries
– Helps to reduce global chemical pollution due to billions of dead batteries going into landfill.

Remember, Saving Energy Prevents Pollution.

By improving electrical products and reducing the energy needs of more than a billion mobile phones, millions of computers, and other electronic devices, Akkufresh® will naturally contribute to the prevention of energy demands and, in turn, actively promote environmental protection. By choosing Akkufresh®, you are helping to reduce the impact of global warming by campaigning for cleaner air and land without sacrificing the product quality and performance you rely on and expect from your modern devices.