Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Kent Holdings Limited is committed to fostering smart, safe, and sustainable projects around the world. Our current plan is to recognize and support existing foundations around the world. The PEACE Fund is one of our company’s primary international philanthropic arms.

The PEACE Fund works to protect, educate, and aid children living in extraordinarily difficult circumstances. The PEACE Fund is a registered 501(c)(3) ‘not-for-profit charity founded by the actor, Adrian Paul. The PEACE Fund was founded in 1997 with Adrian’s mandate of “helping children everywhere” and starting with the Fund’s initial program “School Makes a Difference”. After the tsunami of 2004, Adrian’s personal connection with Koh Phi Phi in Thailand helped create the Fund’s “Peace in Paradise” project. In 2006, Adrian joined people of the stature of Mikhail Gorbachev as a recipient of the WorldWide Charitable Alliances’ Peacemaker Award.

Kent Holdings Limited is committed to giving back 1 percent of its prior year’s operating income annually. This commitment is made through our supported foundations and company donations.


Smart, safe and sustainable communities around the world.

Guiding Principles

  • Support for recognized local, national, regional, and global charities that provide unique programming and/or community outreach initiatives.
  • Seek out broad, strategic partnership opportunities directed toward our giving focus areas.
  • Work to leverage our commitment to empowering underserved communities around the world.

Priority Areas

  • Environmental protection: developing solutions for existing environmental problems.
  • Water: access to clean water, water conservation, and recycling.
  • Well-Being: education, youth development, and other community and civic initiatives.

Also, our company supports Hungarian folk tradition preservation. Community programs such as arts and culture.

Access to Clean Water

Kent Holdings Ltd.’s Vizio® (Mag® Pure™) project became a social venture with the goal of providing people in developing countries with access to clean water. The production of Vizio® (Mag® Pure™) was throughout the newly developed portable and “green” Vizio Work Station™. For every AkkuFresh® Next Generation™ sold around the world, part of the profits was directed to the development of Vizio® (Mag® Pure™), and Vizio® (Mag® Pure™)‘s mobile Vizio Work Station™ to help solve humanity global water programs. 

Kent Holdings Ltd. had also started 2015 the development of the Mag Technology & Support project. Mag Technology & Support is a golden age lifestyle of the near future. It is a network for peer-to-peer alternatives and a collaborative ‘connect the dots’ type of platform (Mag Support) and an open-source wisdom base which will serve as a knowledge base for Mag Support and will aim to collect various forms of open source technology from around the world. Mag Technology & Support will get us to a sustainable golden age of humanity.


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