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AkkuFresh® Next Generation™

Upgrade the recharge time and battery life of your mobile device with AkkuFresh® Next Generation™! This innovative technology not only speeds up the recharging process but also helps to maintain the optimal lifespan of your battery. AkkuFresh® Next Generation™ also has the ability to regenerate any worn-out or deteriorated batteries, making it a great solution for prolonging the use of your device.

Using our advanced technology, AkkuFresh® Next Generation™ absorbs all sources of energy, including electromagnetic field (EMF) energy, and converts them into negative ions, long wave infrared rays, bio-resonance, and scalar energy. The newly generated AkkuFresh® negative ions penetrate into the battery, creating a higher frequency that causes the buildup of crystals to resonate and burst. This process enables the battery to regain its initial capacity and enhances the flow of negative ions. Additionally, AkkuFresh® Next Generation™ allows lithium-ions to resonate, resulting in an increase in voltage.

AkkuFresh® Next Generation™ is a small, rectangular foil that measures 1.14 inches by 1.97 inches (29mm x 50mm) and is only 0.005 inches (0.125mm) thin. It can be quickly and easily attached to your device or the battery itself, providing a simple and efficient solution to improve your mobile device’s battery life and recharge speed.


The Product

AkkuFresh® Next Generation™ is an innovative foil product based on Mag® Power Foil™ technology, a nano-ceramic material developed through over 30 years of exclusive laboratory research.

It is the perfect companion for modern mobile devices, catering to all connectivity requirements, from social media updates to high-definition photography, mobile gaming, and internet browsing. Can also be applied to the batteries of your e -transportation solutions.

Moreover, this versatile nanotech foil works effectively on both old and new rechargeable batteries. It can significantly slow down the capacity loss of your Li-ion and Li-polymer cells, leading to improved battery performance. With AkkuFresh® Next Generation™, you can extend your device’s battery life, ensuring uninterrupted usage throughout the day or days.