Order Samples

Members of the Press, news outlets, specialized websites, and manufacturers can claim one (1) free AkkuFresh sample for testing and evaluation. If more than one is requested, we may charge for additional samples.

We reserve the right to limit the distribution of free samples for unofficial members of the press, news outlets, specialized websites, and manufacturers. If you have any problems with or questions on ordering samples on-line, please place your order with your authorized distributor or contact our Customer Service Team via Contact Us.

For distributors and importers, we offer samples for / pcs. The minimum order for distributors and importers is 50 items in one counter display box. Note: There is a shipping charge for all international orders. Note: No free samples for evaluation are given to stores and individual customers.

We are looking forward to receiving your order via our online Contact Us form. Before any testing and evaluation, please refer to our Test Guidelines (see Test-Sheet and Guidelines a two-page document). Thank you for expressing an interest.

To proceed, please provide the following

  • Name of company
  • First name and last name, position, or title.
  • Full address (No P.O. Box), zip code, city, country.
  • Telephone number and/or fax number.
  • Amount of AkkuFresh samples ordered (for distributors and importers)
  • Your comments (the reason why you request a sample).
  • Your commitment to send us back a dated and full report on your evaluation and test results.